Calling Touches

These bell ringing pages deal with learning to call and conduct touches for change ringing on church bells which are hung on full circle wheels.


My intention is that this site explains simply and fully how to begin to call touches for church bell ringing. These pages were compiled as I learnt to call touches and quarter peals myself. I wanted to write them before I took for granted the lessons I had learnt and the knowledge I had acquired.

It surprised me that calling a touch is actually not too difficult, so I would encourage anyone thinking about trying for the first time to give it a go. You may find it useful to have a blue line of the relevant methods to hand as you read the following pages.

It has delighted me to hear how many people have found these pages helpful - I hope you will too. This website was conceived very much as an online resource, but it has been made into a printable booklet by a reader, so if you would like it in that format then and I can e-mail you a copy.

It's also good to get feedback, so please comments.

Latest News

In May / June 2016 I am making some small changes to Calling Touches. If you find that a page is not loading for you, please refresh the page.

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Preliminaries - Go, That's All, Stand, Plain Courses, Call Changes

Plain Bob Doubles

Grandsire Doubles, Plain Bob Minor

Plain Bob Triples, Grandsire Triples

Stedman Doubles, Stedman Triples

Surprise Major

Wrong, Home and all that

Coursing Order

Basic Conducting - Plain Bob Major

Calling from Front Bells

Further Resources

A little about the Author

My own ringing is on hold for the moment (and my own conducting is therefore not quite what it was!) but I am glad that these pages still prove to be a useful resource to many people.

If you have suggestions or corrections for these pages, or want to contact me, then please . Thank you!

Calling Touches is now on Twitter - @callingtouches

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