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Play-Doh Crazy Cuts Stylist Hair Salon Pretend Play Toy for Kids 3 Years and Up with 8 Tri-Color Cans, 57 Grams Each, Non-Toxic, Multicolor, 6.68 x 27.94 x 21.59 cm

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: In an instance where we have sent the wrong product by mistake or it has arrived damaged, please let us know within 24 hours of receipt by calling us on 01455 220 044. In these cases, we will arrange for the courier to collect the goods. Mirrors and highly-polished surfaces feature in many of Koons' works and he favours these for both their flawless finish and the fact that they allow the viewer to see themselves in the artwork. In this manner the viewer becomes part of the piece itself and their changing reflection alters how they encounter the work, making it a very personal experience.

To avoid Play-Doh sneaking into every nook & cranny, you can simply hoover it up; we assure you that most hoovers will not be harmed in the process! It’s not too late to reverse that mess Through the categorization of vacuum cleaners as art Koons explores America's fetishization of pristine commodities and their relationship to notions of gender and cleanliness. A glorification of domestic consumption was particularly prevalent in the post-war homes of the 1950s and 60s, where families were encouraged to adopt traditional gender roles, invest in labor-saving devices and display their status through the objects that they owned. Koons grew up in this atmosphere and the continued influence of his mother and the suburban ideal can be seen in this work. Parallels can also be drawn between domestic expressions of status in the 1950s and the burgeoning materialism of the 1980s in which the work was created. Although carefully designed by Koons, his work is created in his studio by a large staff force that build, paint, or fabricate his pieces, often producing multiple copies of the same artwork. In outsourcing the actual production of his work, Koons raises questions about authenticity and what it means to be an artist. In particular it is emphasised that all accounts must be settled on the day of sale. Sale currency is GBP. Koons' most famous works to date are his towering sculptures inspired by balloon animals. This one stands over ten feet tall and weighs in excess of a ton. Its shiny exterior, according to the artist, is intended to "manipulate and seduce". Unlike the cheap rubber it imitates, the surface of Balloon Flower evokes the shininess of precious metals. Since this really is metal, its immaculate, reflective surface and perfectly concealed joints invite us to marvel in the absolute symmetry and perfection of the objects. Up close, however, the overall composition fades, and the viewer is confronted by his or her own distorted, imperfect image. Koons is often compared to British artist Anish Kapoor and it possible to see the resemblance between Koons' balloon sculptures and Kapoor's mirrored work, most notably Cloud Gate (2006), a large public sculpture in Millennium Park, Chicago.In addition to the kit, I have added some old cookie cutters and plastic baby cutlery that was sitting in the drawer (even though Piglet is almost six!). Play-Doh proof your home Koons once remarked that he believed Balloon Dog (part of the same Celebration series) to be "a very optimistic piece, it's a balloon that a clown would maybe twist for you at a birthday party. But at the same time it's a Trojan Horse. There are other things here that are inside: maybe the sexuality of the piece." The work recalls the unbridled optimism and wonder of childhood, while functioning simultaneously as a reminder of this naive state of development, replaced in adulthood by covetousness for luxury and beauty. The idea that commerce is the new religion is, in many ways, the key to Koons' oeuvre. There are a few things that we need to make sure of before you return an item to us. Please ensure the item meets the following criteria: Since the 1980s, Koons has been a prevalent influence on contemporary artists who explore commercialism, advertising, readymades, and new concepts of Pop Art. His career is fascinating to contrast with that of both Mike Kelley and Takashi Murakami. Kelley used similar materials to Koons, but his sculptural experiments with stuffed animals, balloons and other expressions of childhood merriment, are ultimately about dejection and angst. On the other hand, Murakami's work draws on contemporary Japanese pop culture to create huge, brightly colored canvases which are produced in his studio by a large staff team. It is this outsourced process of creation and his combination of high art and mass culture that mirrors the work of Koons.

In Hulk Organ, keys, pipes, and buttons protrude from the Hulk's body creating a fully working and very powerful organ, albeit one that intentionally has some keys missing and does not produce a perfect pitch. This combination of precision and exuberance, seen in both the sculpture itself and in the organ, reflects the combination of rationality and chaos seen in the character of the Hulk, but also references the Asian traditional of guardian gods, who can be both welcoming and violent. As Koons explains, "Hulk Elvis represents for me both Western and Eastern culture, a sense of a guardian, a protector, that at the same time is capable of bringing the house down".GeekyZone is a UK retailer based in Leicestershire. All of our items are shipped from our showroom location.

Based on a small porcelain figurine by the Ukrainian artist, Oksana Zhnikrup, who produced a range of similar designs for factory production in the Soviet Union, Koons has scaled the image up to create a larger-than-life rendering in futuristic color-coated steel. In doing so, he revisits questions about art, industrial production and mass market appeal, a discussion that is particularly applicable to his own practice, in which multiple copies of the same work are created by industrial processes (this sculpture is one of four produced). Anyone who knows me in ‘real life’ will tell you that on the whole, messy play is reserved for the school. I’m more than happy for them to utilise all the glitter, glue etc they want at school where I don’t have to clean it up (because it gets EVERYWHERE!). Given my aversion to mess, Play-Doh has come to my rescue with a Play-Doh Home Protection Service kit, complete with everything I might need to ease my stressing about the mess. Allowing Piglet to make the most of squidging and squashing Play-Doh through her fingers, on the table and creating masterpieces with cookie cutters. Please quote both the auction number and your invoice number as reference. Failure to do so may delay goods being released. Please be aware that clients making international transfers will be liable for any bank imposed charges. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations are designed to encourage kids to explore their creative side in the kitchen, making playtime more interactive and fun! Not only that, but they also help them develop important skills like hand-eye coordination, fine motor, and problem-solving skills. From the Magical Mixer Playset to the Pizza Oven Set, if your child is a budding chef or just loves to play with Play-Doh, these toys are sure to provide hours of enjoyment! Play Doh Character Playsets So I thought I would share with you what’s included in case you are a mess-free mum like me who needs to get one of these in her life.

IMHO, Play-Doh is a gift from the gods. Unfortunately, for a poor starving college student, it is an expensive one. But here are some recipes to make your own, using stuff that might actually be in your kitchen (so you can save your money for the REAL good stuff -- like the Fun Factory). As well as the putty itself, the brand name also sells all number of cutting, squishing and extrusion devices, all extremely fascinating for kids at that scatologically obsessed age. Made in Heaven, a series of large-scale photographs and sculptures depicting Koons in a variety of sexually explicit poses with the Italian porn star, Ilona Staller, remains the artist's most polarizing and controversial series. The exhibition, which premiered in 1991 at the Sonnabend Gallery, included this billboard, announcing a feature film Koons intended to produce with La Cicciolina (Staller's stage name), a scheme that was never realized. Koons and Staller, who met during the project, married in 1991 and divorced three years later, sparking a lengthy custody battle over their son, Ludwig. Play-Doh is also part of Koons’ Celebration series, in which the artist focused on highlighting the passage of time. Many of the pieces reference the cycle of birth, growth, and the human drive to procreate. “ Play-Doh is an object, which captures the raw energy of creation,” says Koons. “Yes, we can all be artists.” i) confirm that you are authorised to provide these credit card details to the auctioneer and have sufficient funds available to complete the transaction.

All goods are second hand and sold without warranty unless otherwise stated in the sale catalogue or by the auctioneer from the rostrum. Any implied warranty, condition or other term is excluded except where to do so would be unlawful. Looking for an exciting activity for a birthday party or playdate? Look no further than Play-Doh! Our Play-Doh playsets are ideal for group play – they can provide hours of entertainment. Plus, it's a mess-free, non-toxic and safe way to have fun and get creative. Now among the most iconic works of contemporary art, Balloon Dog (Red) is part of Koons’ Celebration series. It’s one of many sculptures inspired by inflatable characters. “I’ve always enjoyed balloon animals because they’re like us,” Koons said about the playful series, “We’re balloons. You take a breath and you inhale, it’s an optimism. You exhale, and it’s kind of a symbol of death.” Although it looks like it could pop with a pin, Balloon Dog (Red) is made from mirror-polished stainless steel that is covered with a transparent varnish. Koons has also created smaller, collectible versions of this sculpture, as well as balloon swans, rabbits, monkeys, and even Venuses. This is one of the key works in Koons' Luxury and Degradation series, in which the artist sought to present images that promised the trappings of success, but also had the potential to result in degradation. Alcohol, the ultimate symbol of this type of lifestyle is represented here. Koons' inspiration for the series came to him while riding the subway in New York, during which time he surveyed "the whole spectrum of advertising" from "the lowest economic base to the highest level", and observed "how the level of visual abstraction [was] changing. The more money came into play, the more abstract. It was like they were using abstraction to debase you..."The auctioneer shall regulate the bidding and shall determine from time to time the appropriate increment needed to advance the bidding. Clear parallels can be drawn between Play-Doh and the work of Mike Kelley, particularly his pieces that include large assemblages of childhood toys such as More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid and The Wages of Sin (1987) and Deodorized Central Mass with Satellites (1991-99). In the latter, Kelley utilizes amorphous spheres of plush toys to satirize the dogma associated with Abstract Expressionism. In many ways, Koons is doing the same thing, this sculpture appears to fall into the expressionist canon, but although it has the appearance of spontaneity, it is actually minutely designed and engineered. Furthermore, it presents the tensions generated by the modern artist who is a designer rather creator. The piece appears to have been shaped by human hands, bearing the imprints of giant fingers, but has actually been created via a fabrication process undertaken by staff without the physical involvement of the artist. b) To have accepted that lots are sold with all faults and imperfections specifically mentioned or not irrespective of whether they bid in person, by commission, online or through an agent. All Sales shall be deemed to have been made in England and the Parties to the Sale hereby submit to thejurisdiction of the English Courts. English Law shall be the proper law of the Contract of Sale.

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