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Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - Space Marines Primaris Librarian In Phobos Armour

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Every psyker's mind holds within it a miniscule link to the Warp, through which they access that metaphysical dimension to power their abilities. Each time a psychically sensitive individual uses the power of the Warp, they expose themselves to the malevolent entities that dwell there, their minds glowing in that realm like bright candles in a dark fog. With ruthless and often life-threatening training, psykers learn to obscure and defend themselves against these forces. Should their focus waver or their mental defences fall, however, a psyker's mind and body will be vulnerable to all manner of horrific fates. If a daemon gains access to realspace through the mind of a weak psyker, they could wreak untold havoc through the act of possession. Worse yet, they could even spell the doom of entire sectors by tearing a rift in the skein of reality and causing a daemonic incursion. Grand Master Ezekiel - Ezekiel is the greatest of all Dark Angels Librarians and has the ability to traverse the minds of his enemies, predicting their moves before they even think of them. His Mind Worm psychic power can cause an opponent's brain to literally melt and the destroyed brain matter then leaks out through the ears.

Astraeus • Redemptor Dreadnought ( Brutalis Dreadnought • Ballistus Dreadnought) • Repulsor • Repulsor Executioner • Impulsor • Gladiator ( Gladiator Reaper • Gladiator Valiant • Gladiator Lancer) • Raider Pattern Combat Bike • Invader ATV • Invictor Tactical Warsuit • Storm Speeder ( Storm Speeder Hailstrike • Storm Speeder Hammerstrike • Storm Speeder Thunderstrike) Psychic Scourge - The psyker pits his superhuman willpower against that of an enemy sorcerer in a battle of mental fortitude, seeking to scour arcane knowledge from the foul witch's mind so that he or she cannot use it in battle. This ability can also be unleashed upon non-psykers, in which case the psyker simply seeks to destroy their minds in a blast of psychic fury.Several Chapters have different names for Librarians, who vary subtly in their methods and their role in the Chapter hierarchies. Within the Imperium there were those, like the Thousand Sons Space Marines Legion of the Primarch Magnus the Red, himself a powerful psyker, who had an extremely high rate of psychic mutation and regularly used psychic abilities and sorcery to expand the growing Imperium's reach across the galaxy. Others, such as the Space Wolves Legion of the Primarch Leman Russ and the Witch Hunters known as the Sisters of Silence, held that all psykers, even those who were Astartes like the Thousand Sons, represented a grave threat to the human race. Fury of Mars - The psyker channels the mechanical wrath of the Omnissiah into an enormous, Warp-fuelled pulse that surges forth in an invisible wave to unleash ruin upon the impure technology of the foe. If the Devastator Doctrine was active for your army during the previous battle round, you can change it so that the Tactical Doctrine is now active. Machine Curse - The Librarian calls down a terrible curse on nearby machines and vehicles. The Librarian can either target a single vehicle (such as a battle tank or Land Speeder) or a number of mechanical devices (such as his foes' personal weapons or a group of servitors).

The Rune Priests of the Space Wolves, maintain that their psychic powers derives from the animistic spirits of Fenris, rather than from the Warp. [4] Might of Heroes - The psyker cages the immense power of the Immaterium within his physical form and becomes the Emperor's vengeance made manifest. This ability greatly enhances the Librarian's already superhuman combat skills. This ability can also be used to grant the same abilities to one of the Librarian's battle-brothers instead. Sternguard Veteran Squad • Vanguard Veteran Squad • Terminator Squad ( Terminator Assault Squad) • Bladeguard Veteran • Veteran Intercessor Squad • Company Veterans Games Workshop: Blood Angels Librarian in Terminator Armour (Posted 2014) (Last accessed 4 September 2019) Sarpedon - Sarpedon was the Chief Librarian and later, Chapter Master, of the Soul Drinkers, a Renegade Chapter of Space Marines that is currently considered Excommunicate Traitoris by the High Lords of Terra. Sarpedon possesses the unique psychic power known as The Hell that allows him to psychically enter and then project his opponents' greatest fears along with a recent physical mutation giving him extra appendages, manifesting in the form of chitinous spider legs which were unwillingly bestowed upon him by the Tzeentchian Daemon Prince Abraxes.These Veteran Librarians are powerful and their primary role, when not making use of their gifts on the battlefield, is that of the chief psychic communications officer of their Chapter. If the Tactical Doctrine was active for your army during the previous battle round, you can change it so that the Assault Doctrine is now active. Whirlwind • Vindicator • Stalker • Hunter • Whirlwind Hyperios • Land Raider Helios • Thunderfire Cannon • Firestrike Servo-turret Librarians are often treated with distrust due to their nature. Marines are taught to hate the deviant and abnormal, particularly mutants and those with psychic powers. This creates a gulf between the Librarians and the rest of the chapter brethren, though the powers they can bring to bear on the battlefield makes them always welcome in combat. [1]

Given the nature of some of the places into which the Deathwatch must go, such an ability is invaluable, and has saved the lives of many of Mankind's mightiest warriors. While many Deathwatch Librarians are, in effect, part of the watch commander's officer cadre and not permanently assigned to a single kill-team, in reality most come to associate themselves with one group of warriors. Such is the bond between the battle-brothers of a Kill-team that to separate them is to degrade their considerable combat effectiveness. Deathwatch Librarians are able to make a significant contribution to a Kill-team, lending their singular abilities to the eternal war against the alien horrors of the galaxy. The Chief Librarian is the master of the Librarius and the keeper of his Chapter's lore, as well as a member of the guiding council of the Chapter's senior officers with encyclopedic knowledge of his Chapter, its enemies, and the Imperium. Librarians are also the guardians of the secrets of the Deathwatch. Within each watch fortress is to be found the sealed Vault which stores weapons and relics too dangerous to be allowed to fall into the hands of Mankind's enemies. Also within the fortress' Vault is an archive of forbidden knowledge. Not even the watch commander has access to these archives -- only the Deathwatch's Librarians are entrusted with their access codes, and only they are judged strong enough to withstand the sanity-shattering secrets sealed within. Elikas - Elikas was a Chief Librarian of the Dark Angels Legion during the Great Crusade. He voted in favor of keeping the Legion Librarius in existence during the Council of Nikaea.

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Reporting to the codiciers, it is the lexicanium's role to aid in the endless task of maintaining, studying and cataloguing the vast amounts of texts within the Librarius. In time of conflict, however, lexicani will leave the Librarius and take to the battlefield alongside their battle-brothers, using their powers to smite their foes. A Librarian of the Primaris Space Marines serves essentially the same function among Primaris Astartes as does his Firstborn Astartes counterpart. The only difference beyond his physical enhancements lies in his wargear, as it does for all Primaris Marines. You’ve got a couple of options here. You could go with the 5-man box. This is nice because you do get another BA Upgrade sprue for your Death Company. However, you don’t really get any close combat weapons — at least not enough for propper Death Company unit. Oh no, we’re going to snag the Assault Intercessor Box. If you want the shoulder pads, just buy the BA Upgrades separately. It’s 200 points for 10 of them plus wargear. I’d recommend that Thunder hammer…just a suggestion though. A Librarian is a Firstborn or Primaris Marine combat psyker of the Space Marines who survives an Adeptus Astartes Chapter's rigorous screening and training to bend the powers of the Warp to their will for the benefit of their fellow battle-brothers and in service to the Emperor of Mankind. Beyond their psychic duties, the Librarians of the Astartes are also expected to record the great deeds of their Chapter and maintain the Chapter's storehouse of ancient lore, the functions for which they are named. The power of a psyker is darkness, fire, and death, given life and purpose to rend souls and break minds."

Devastator Squad • Hellblaster Squad • Aggressor Squad • Eliminator Squad • Suppressor Squad • Eradicator Squad • Desolation Squad • Infernus Squad • Devastator Centurion Squad Many lords of the Adeptus Astartes visit the quiet, dusty halls of the Librarius to draw their inspiration and resolve from that ancient book in times of darkness. Earth Blood - The psyker draws on the very life force of the planet upon which he treads, sending forth a surge of healing energy that spreads up from the ground and into those standing nearby, closing wounds and refreshing the spirit. Chasm - The psyker slams his hands together, and then pulls them slowly apart. As he does so, a wide chasm filled with lava opens under an enemy unit. Epistolaries fulfill two main roles within the Chapter: firstly as potent battle psykers who can combat the deadliest of foes, and secondly as psychic communications officers for their Chapter's fleet.Though such a premonition is rarely clear enough to provide complete certainty, it often provides clues that enable an experienced Librarian to make a sound judgement concerning potential dangers that may be faced in an upcoming mission, and to advise the Watch Captains accordingly. Often, the premonition focuses upon the actions of the Librarian himself, telling him that his own presence will be required if a mission is to succeed. Many Deathwatch Librarians have foreseen their own death at the hands of some alien monstrosity, and gone proudly and stoically to their fate, with certain knowledge that their death will sow the seed of their battle-brothers' victory. Machine Flense - The psyker's mind lashes out at an enemy war machine to shred its armoured hull. Not yet satisfied with the damage he has wrought, the psyker redirects the jagged fragments he has torn free to assail yet more of his foes nearby on the battlefield. Most Librarian battle-disciplines focus on enhancing their already formidable combat prowess. Many can use their psychic powers to throw powerful energy bolts, project telekinetic force shields or increase their might to demigod-like proportions. Some can step outside of the flow of time, slow the enemy's movements or redirect bullets with the sheer power of their minds. Reforge - The psyker's mind communes with the Machine Spirit of a damaged vehicle, soothing its pain as otherworldly energies reforge its wounded hull.

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