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The Wolf in the Woods

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Feels like I’m in trouble.’ He grumbled, moving between Tony’s spread legs once he was close enough. You’ll die if you go out there without me. Especially at night.” He tried to reason but Tony waved him off. He had already calculated the risk of going out there both alone and at night and knew what would happen if he did. What you did isn’t okay, but we can work through it. You were good. A friend of my father’s once, maybe that’s why my scent feels like a mate to you. It’s a familiar one from decades ago.” It would make sense in the grand scheme of things. Tony purposefully avoided ever smelling like Howard but with a sensitive nose like Winter’s it wouldn’t be impossible in stating that their scents would be comparable.

Why can’t I give you one?’ Winter’s question had Tony squeezing down on his knot again, pulling the last bit of cum he had left to spill inside. Why don’t you come over here? So, I can see you.” Whatever Winter was, stirred but it sounded more like pacing then anything else. The question caught him off guard but when he looked up from Tony’s bare thighs, he could only see concern in the human's eyes. ‘ Want you.’ Winter’s paws settled on Tony’s knees just as his mate ran his fingers through his soft belly fur. This was a smooth, well-paced story that didn’t hold any surprises but was a thoroughly enjoyable read that kept my interest from beginning to end. There is some steam, but it is all part of the story and doesn’t take the front seat in every situation. What, can you blame me? That thing’s sinful, any man in his right mind would get hot over it.” Tony defended, no shame in how his body reacted. Not only was it sinful but it was Winter, someone who made Tony feel safe and warm.

Wolf with Arrow Tattoo

Tony kneeled down to brush the snow off, revealing the groves better and holding his hand out to scan the marks. “Analyze this Jarvis and cross reference it with any local bear or feline species.” The claws were clearly not caused by a four-legged canine, but it would be possible for a bear or angry big cat to cause them, if any were local to the area that was. Tony was a genius in many areas but animals and where they existed naturally was not something he bothered learning. He barely had to wait before Jarvis was pipping up with an answer.

Will you fit?” Came the practical response. The bed was a twin and Winter barely looked like he would fit in a twin by himself let alone with Tony in there as well. They deserved it.’ Winter’s fur stood on end the moment the doors opened and the strong scent of the others hit his nose.I can try.’ The hint of arousal hit his nose just as Tony’s hands moved from his mouth and traveled up to his ears. He knew it wouldn’t last long, Tony had expressed a few times before that Winter’s tongue did not taste appeasing, so when his mate’s hand came up to gently push at his muzzle, Winter went without complaint. “Breath mints. Like a whole jar of them, babe.” Tony huffed, wiping his tongue on the sheets below them. Winter ears laid flat against his skull as he moved off Steve and dropped down to the ground behind Tony, a whimper clearly heard as he did so. Tony looked at Steve, relieved to see the super soldier unharmed outside of a few light scratch marks on his forearm.

Once he got as much of the armor off as he could, he gathered the man up in his arms and took off towards their cabin. The man shivered against his fluffy white chest but didn’t make a move besides that. They needed to get his wounds treated and his body warmed up.How did you escape Hydra?” Had they been a hand in it? The team had taken down a number of Hydra bases, but Tony didn’t remember anything about werewolf experiments. Though that wasn’t saying much, a lot of the experiment’s Hydra did in those facilities were enough to make him grimace. Still, something like successfully turning a human into a werewolf would have stood out. You have no idea who I am, do you?” The question hung in the air for a moment before the man answered. previs assoc. prod. manager: The Third Floor Inc. / previs associate production manager: The Third Floor Inc. Why?’ His paw moved along Tony’s length, doing what he could without using his fingers in fear of his pads or claws damaging the thin skin. Hm? You think? I’m pretty sure Tony would say yes any day you ask him. I’ve known him for a while now and he’s never acted this way towards any of his other partners.” Steve finished off his beer before setting it down on the concrete. “Plus aren’t you guys already werewolf married or something? Might as well do it the human way too.”

Can I touch it?’ He questioned, raising one paw but not moving it any closer. Tony carefully grabbed his wrist and pulled it closer to press flat against the circle keeping him alive. The wolf’s hand covered it completely, but the fire’s light was enough to see the absolute joy cross Winter’s face. ‘It feels funny.’ The roughness of Winter’s pads on his bare skin also felt funny but Tony didn’t bring it up. For some reason he thought it might upset the wolf and that wasn’t something he wanted. Not that Winter knew what that felt like. He dropped his paw when it was clear he couldn’t give himself any pleasure with it. Where was his mate? Even with his heightened hearing, he couldn’t hear a peep outside of the bedroom. Tony had made sure every piece of this suite was soundproof due to his own sleeping issues and while it unnerved the wolf, he had learned to deal with it for the most part.

Wolf Pack Tattoo

I just loved this book. The pacing, the characters, the world-building from the original series grabbed me from the very beginning. I can see how maybe some readers won’t like the forced mating subject but I think it was handled very well and is an important aspect to the story. I really enjoyed the dynamics between Bill and Addie. How they go from meeting to mating had a genuine feel to it. Billy is so sweet but still strong. Gotta love a sensitive man! Addie I really liked her character as well. Her silent strength yet still having a vulnerable insecure side. And that HEA!

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